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Download FIFA 17 on your Android Phones

FIFA is a video game series of International Federation of Association Football which is released every year by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. In FIFA 17 Marco Reus is going to be appearing as a main face in advertisements and promotional campaigns. FIFA is a simulator game and is loved by people all over the world. It is an excellent application for football games and you can easily download FIFA 17 App in android devices. The graphics of FIFA 17 are good as compared to FIFA 16. There are various new tricks as well as shots which makes it better from FIFA 16. Players will take control of Alex Hunter as he is one of the best players during starting of this career.

FIFA 17 app on android phone can be downloaded from Google Play store. You can download it at free of cost and after downloading install it and start playing. Here you can have powerful goals in FIFA 17 unlike any other versions of FIFA games. This works great on HTC Nexus 9, HTC M8, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Ericsson Xperia Z2 Tablet, , Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC Nexus 4, Motorola Nexus 6 and many other android devices.

Download Fifa 17


This is the first time that video game series of FIFA is going to use Frostbite game engine. This was developed at DICE but now is under Frostbite team operating in Stockholm. One of the main advantages of this engine is that it allows for detail of players and also facilitates the sequences that are important for giving the various scenes found during the game. FIFA 17 has been restored by the EA sports into set piece systems with some changes. The changes will have impact upon the handling of moments. While paying in mobile, the players will be able to use free kicks which will move in several directions and will be pushed more close to the ball. And also in the direction which is being out on the shot. As pet the EA sports this free kick system will be manipulated by the contribution from James Rodriguez and Real Madrid’s Colombian maestro. The penalties are to be based on similar mechanics which will allow the player for changing the angle to ball and this will directly influence the ball’s movement and curve.

FIFA 17 in android device is very interesting and you can play various exciting matches in this very easily. Also you can feel social experience which will allow joining forces with other players all around the world to struggle for magnificence in Leagues. You can fight in inter league Championships and can easily climb on the head board and overpower the world of football. While playing FIFA 17 on android app you can expand your team and can also boost your player.

Fifa 17 app

Some of the main features of FIFA 17 game on mobile are as follows:

  • FIFA 17 mobile game is one of the most real football experiences and is well known for its unequaled authenticity.
  • You can conquer the world by winning FIFA 17 on mobile game.
  • It is a very exciting mobile game which gives feel a player to play more.
  • New attacking techniques have been introduced so that player can have more chances to goal.

Moreover, FIFA 17 is one of the grand projects of EA sports. This consists of various rules and new laws. So the players while playing this game should thoroughly read about the new laws to have a good gaming experience. Apart from this, FIFA 17 app is very easy to find on Google Play store in android devices.