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FIFA 17 vs. PES 17: Which one is better?

The battle of Konami and EA is going to start in September this year. Recently Konami has declared that their PES 17 is very much better than EA’s FIFA 17. There would be a strong competition between both the companies.  It would be a great fun for the followers as both the companies have put their best efforts in making the games more realistic. However, FIFA wins over PES in case of features but lag behind when it comes to game play. So EA has decided to make changes this year so that it can easily compete with Konami. That’s why FIFA 17 is very much different from its previous version while PES 17 is slightly different from its previous version.

Release date: Konami has announced that PES 17 is going to be released on September 15 while EA has declared that FIFA 17 will be launched on September 27 in North America and September 29 in other regions.

Licenses: Konami has faced many challenges in case of retaining license while EA hardly faces any problem in retaining license. Konami has announced its partnership with Liverpool FC that will help Konami to manifold the team in the game.

Features of both games

One of the new feature of FIFA 17 is improved AI where teammates just run into open spaces when attack builds up instead of running towards the goal while Konami has introduced new feature of adaptive AI where you have to make different moves each time. The improved shooting feature makes the Pre evolution soccer more interesting  because by using this feature player can aim and shoot easily from a distance and  can see the return of ‘long range goals’. The noticeable change that EA has done this year is in the set -pieces. The stance of kick-takers can be manipulated and access to each free kick. You can mislead the opposition by doing fake throw. There is an enhancement of delivery of corners so that you can aim more precisely to aim at penalty area. Konami has made great improvement in FOX engine like better lightning effects, animations etc. while EA has introduced new frostbite engine that will improve night lightning. The goal keepers in FIFA17 have the capabilities to make sublime double saves to deny goals. In this new version of FIFA, players now don’t need to jump up for a header, they can easily face aerial challenges. Using the single button, players can simultaneously dribble as well as protect the ball. For the first time, EA has introduced the feature of J1 League and J. League Cup. In FIFA17, it is expected to have a campaign allowing a single player story which may be titled as “The journey for Xbox  One, PS4 and PC  where player think himself as young and energetic footballer, Alex Hunter making efforts to mark his name in the Premier league. There is an option provided to players to choose any one Premier League club from 20 clubs to play at the starting of the season. User will be allowed to play any role including goal keeper also. Unlike the PES16 there will be a smooth game play in PES17. Precise pass is another feature of this new version of PES that will help the player to make a perfect pass.

Both the games have interesting features, only time will tell which company has successfully attained its goal.